Two Dogs

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What do you charge?

I charge $15 per visit in your home.
I charge $50 per overnight boarding in my home.

What happens if my pet needs to go to the vet? Can you take her?

In an emergency, I will take your pet to your vet. If it is after hours I will take them to an after - hours emergency clinic. I will of course notify you if this should happen. There is fee of $20 an hour for my time, which includes travel, waiting, and time with the vet.

Do you have experience with rare or exotic pets?

I have experience with a wide range of animals - from baboons to potbellied pigs and everything in-between. I have worked in wildlife rehabilitation in South Africa and California. Personally, my family has had a pot bellied pig, rabbits, and chickens - in addition to the usual dogs, cats and pet birds.

What can I expect in case of severe weather?

During times of dangerous weather, such as ice, I will arrive at your home as soon as I can walk there, if it is not safe to drive. If your dog is scheduled for a walk I will get them out to potty and spend the remainder of the time doing special activities (massage, petting, playing, lap time, or whatever else you tell me they like to do).

How long is a visit?

Visits are 10-25 min.