Things to Know Before You Go


• If you must cancel a visit, please call at least one hour ahead of the scheduled time. 

• I will come for a "meet and greet" with you and your pets, prior to the first service (at no charge). At this visit I will obtain information about the care and personality of your pets, and interact with your pets to establish a rapport and to ensure that your pets will respond positively to me, as well as feel comfortable with me in their territory.

• At the "meet and greet" appointment you will be receive information cards to fill out. These include your vet's information and gives me permission to request care for your pet until you can be reached.

• Please provide two ways for me to enter your home.

• All indoor dogs without access to a doggie door must have a minimum of 3 potty breaks a day while you are away.

• I will not care for dogs that are kenneled full time while you are on vacation. I will kennel dogs at night if that is what they are used to.

• Boarding your dog in my home is a possibility, depending on the situation (such as seizure watch). A play date will be necessary to make sure your dogs get along with mine.