My Story



I live in Heritage Place with my husband (Steve). We are empty nesters, with both of our kids (Mick and Libby) attending CU. 

My college degree, from Colorado College, is in Fine Art and Secondary Education. I taught middle school art for a couple years and quickly realized I am too much of an introvert for that job. I switched gears and created a career happily working at home with my pack of dogs doing graphic design and pet portraits. Creating on the computer has been my tool of choice and the subject of dogs and dog breeds my favorite subject. Along the way I have created different styles, with different markets. Please check out my artwork here.

My love of animals started early. I think I was born loving animals. Through my love of animals I have gained experience in caring for a wide variety. 

My pets have included, dogs, cats, rabbits, parakeets, cockatiels, chickens, mice, hamsters and a much loved pot-bellied pig. 

Before our children were born, Steve served at Travis Air Force Base. During that time, I worked at a wildlife rehab center in Suisun, Ca. I was able to handle and care for many fascinating animals including, coyote, birds of prey, water fowl, skunks, raccoon, opossum, and many, many more. 

In 2007 I travelled to South Africa by myself to work at a baboon rehab center for four weeks near Kruger National Park. Baboons are really amazing and beautiful primates. My husband and children later joined me and we had a wonderful safari vacation.

Oh, how I love dogs!!!! I have dedicated 15 years of my life to dog rescue. My family has fostered 43 dogs, while I did the job of Foster Home Coordinator and Administrator with the Sunrise Foundation LTD. My work in rescue led me to pet sitting. Many of my foster dogs could not have withstood the stress of a kennel when their humans went on vacation. I always offered to board my past foster pups to save them from this trauma. Thus was born Fur Babies. Keeping pets happy at home while you are away is my goal.